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cross references...and counting.


While hoolos is much more than a tool to assist distributors in the quoting process this functionality alone makes it a must have tool for every distributor. The sales process for every distributor involves preparing quotes for prospective customers. This process is tedious and time consuming since each quote must be cross referenced to the competitor currently servicing the account.

Distributors use hoolos to:

  • Cross reference product ID’s against competitors’ products
    • Save time on quotes by mapping product ID’s against all competitors the quoting process is made more efficient saving time and increasing sales productivity
    • Each time a cross reference is made it is saved for future use
    • Establish cross references to create both exact matches as well as functional equivalents
    • Upload customer purchase histories for automated cross referencing and export cross reference lists to Excel
    • Serve as a resource for sales and customer service to locate alternate products
    • Provide central point of access to manufacturer data sheets, complimentary products, and product dependencies
  • Better manage the sales process and increase sales
    • Reduce the time required to process each cross reference list prior to quoting
    • Track all lists that are processed by prospect, salesperson, and date
    • Establish sales targets for number of lists processed



Healthcare, like many industries is challenged by a lack of product identification standards. Providers are constantly challenged as they attempt to find alternative and substitute products. Manufacturers struggle to get product information out to the various participants in the supply chain. hoolos provides answers to these challenges.

Providers use hoolos to:

  • Cross reference primary items to alternative products
  • Identify both exact matches and functional equivalents
  • Provides one source for product research including links to manufacturers' data
  • Designate dependencies and complimentary products across their item master
  • Reduce off contract spend by listing valid substitutes and alternatives




  • Quickly research products and respond to customer questions from your mobile device.
  • Build lists for competitive quotes by scanning existing products to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Grow sales by enrolling customers and prospects. As they use Hoolos to research products they can easily request pricing from you.
  • Receive pricing requests on your mobile device from customers and prospects.


  • Quickly research products and access product literature from your mobile device.
  • Create requests for pricing and submit to suppliers from one application. Break free of “sticky” notes and reminders by tracking responses on your dashboard.
  • Immediately see items currently on your facility’s item master.
  • Designate primary and secondary product options for others in your facility. Publish private product notes within your group.





Today, most manufacturers provide information on their product line available on their website. While the information is valuable user access is highly inefficient. Both distributors and provides deal with products from hundreds of suppliers. Researching these products today requires access websites from each different supplier. hoolos provides a platform to provide access from one common platform.

Manufacturers use hoolos to:

  • Promote their products across all layers of the supply chain
  • Provide competitive information and cross references to all competitors
  • Provide links to catalog listings and data sheets
  • Support providers and distributors by providing easy access to product information
  • Customers can link their item to the manufacturer's data sheets and information for easy access.
  • Customers will automatically be exposed to alternative products when listed



hoolos is a comprehensive Item Information System developed for the healthcare community. Providers, suppliers, and manufacturers all struggle to find cross references, equivalent items, and manage dependencies. hoolos provides an answer to these challenges. The platform takes a community participation approach and provides a central repository of product information for all participants in the supply chain.

Our Name

hoolos is derived from the greek word:
hualos (hoo'-al-os) which means a transparent stone or glass.
Our original name, ItemXRef, just didn't say enough; it's about more than just cross references. We are serious about providing transparency within the healthcare supply chain. Whether you are a provider researching functionally equivalent items, or you are a distributor sales rep trying to provide a competitive bid, hoolos can help!